Welcome! This is a static archive of the index page of HOST, a thematic project that we developed with students at the PZI Media Design MA in 2007. You can browse some snapshots or read more about De Geuzen: http://www.geuzen.org

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De Geuzen (a foundation for multi-visual research)
Would you like some cream and sugar with your broadcast?
January → March 2008 / Thematic Project PZI Media Design


Next to or sometimes in conjunction with mainstream media, the web is a powerful platform for distributing alternative views, opinions, interests and ideas. With personal publishing tools such as blogs, IRC, live streams and video services, everyone potentially has their own speakers corner. But two classic, yet essential, questions remain: What do you want to say or show? And how do you get people to tune-in?





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Wednesday 9 April at 17:00

Essays by e-mail to De Geuzen on Wednesday 9 April @ 17:00
It is also the moment to finish the Mixed Sources website / archive and if you haven't done your interview yet, this is your last chance! Feedback to your writing and project will follow as soon as possible after.


Tuesday March 11

Next Tuesday is our last Tuesday together before the HOST broadcast takes place so we'll start with finishing the schedule, invitation etc. We also need to sort out streaming access - more details on Tuesday. Below is a To-Do list Timo made. In the afternoon, depending on your needs, we are available for individual or group tutorials.

Things to do / Notes from our last meeting courtesy of Timo

- Timo: hosting a Website, 5 days continious, short presentation/introduction slot 5 min.
- Sauli : hosting a Event,Physical space on the pzi, 10 min slot (a day?), live filtering spam
- Dennis:hosting a Event, musician needed (pianoplayer). 10-15 min. With introduction. On location. Camera
- Mark:hosting a audio event 20-30 min presentation, streaming points, together with 3 others.
- Leonie:hosting a videostream/eventPhysical space needed on pzi, several shows, 10 min slot (a day?)
- Serena: hosting a video stream 'will probably pre-record her material' also needs a 15 in time slot
- Stephanie and Alex: hosting a Website , prepare audience, 1 hour of chat

Overal Needs
- Build a collective site (on pzwart-server)
- invitations
- Who does what ?
- Title
- Domain name ?
- Opening arranging with florian? - Party

Monday March 3: Visit Pietje Bell
Please add your name to this list
Essay deadline 00:00:00 latest by e-mail

Tuesday March 4
Discussion of the essays in small groups. Geuzen feedback will follow as soon as possible. In the afternoon we work collaboratively on developing the HOST event (Programme? Overall introduction? Site? Flyer? Schedule?).

Tuesday February 19

11:00 @ PZI: Try-out for the HOST event!

Present a sketch of the live broadcast you are working on. Try to be as concrete as possible about duration, audience participation, atmosphere, interface, technology... and be prepared to discuss how those elements relate to the ideas you are developing.

STREAM ON YOU (15-17 February in Brussels and on-line)
A weekend of conferences, debates and performances around web streaming and the practices of collaborative network performances.

Tuesday February 12

11:00 Meet at PZI where Geuzen hand-out personalized reading / reference. For each of you we have prepared materials we think might be relevant for your project and/or essays.
12:00 Go to Tent. and see 3 exhibitions: 3Radicals; Liam Gillick (Three perspectives and a short scenario) and Manon De Boer. We are interested in your analysis of the individual works on display, how they are put in relation to each other through curatorial choices and exhibition design.
While some take time to view the exhibitions or read, De Geuzen has scheduled a series of longer individual tutorials in the museum café:
13:00 Serena (Riek) + Sauli (Femke)
14:00 Marc (Renee) + Timo (Femke) + Dennis (Riek)
15:00 Stephanie / Alexandre (Femke + Renee) + Leonie (Riek)
16:30 We all gather in museum café and discuss what needs to be prepared for next week -- how will we set up the rehearsal? What needs to be prepared absolutely? Where do you need help?

Tuesday February 5
We start with introducing you to three texts on hospitality, you can read them the week after. At 12 we would like you to present briefly where you are at with the project, the interview, the essay. In the afternoon we will do a collaborative session using VisitorsStudio. You can create a log in and/or read all about it here: http://www.furtherstudio.org

Tuesday January 29
We will begin the day with a discussion of the following text: http://www.nettime.org/Lists-Archives/nettime-l-9802/msg00000.html Please prepare questions and/or points you would like to discuss.
After that follows a session on online broadcasting - touring you through icecast, dvgrab and oggfwd to show how to stream content using commandline tools.
In the afternoon, we would like to schedule individual tutorials with each of you about your broadcast, essay and interview plans. Please make notes on your wiki page so we can come prepared too.

A Change of Schedule
Due to unforeseen circumstances Yasco Horsman's Living Room Lecture has been cancelled. Instead we will be going to Amsterdam to see Video Vortex 2 at the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo / Time Based Arts. Read more about the exhibition here: http://www.nimk.nl/en/index.html

Tuesday January 22, we will meet at the train station in Rotterdam at 11:00 (same place as last time) and our train departs at 11:11. For those living outside of Rotterdam, meet us at the entrance of Montevideo at 13:00.

Important Preparations:
After going through the exhibition, we will find a cafe where we can discuss how your ideas are developing for your interview and broadcast. It will be the first group critique/feedback session for the development of your project.

Excursion to Beeld + Geluid, Hilversum: we meet Tuesday 15 January at 08:50 at Rotterdam Central Station and will take the 09:02 train to NS-station Hilversum Noord; Beeld + Geluid is close to the station. When you travel from elsewhere: we meet at 10:20 at the reception desk of Beeld + Geluid.
If you hand in your train ticket at PZI afterward, you will get it refunded (based on price with discount). PZI will take care of the entrance fee.


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